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Vittorio Brumotti is no ordinary cyclist. The Italian defies the rules of physics to perform stunts that seem virtually impossible

A man, a bike and boundless passion. What Vittorio Brumotti accomplishes on his bike is simply magic and leaves spectators stunned with mouth gaping. The former trial champion has created his own niche. Jumping, balancing, rolling - it’s two-wheeled sorcery. 

The man known as “100% Brumotti” has worked hard from an early age to be the best on two wheels. When cycling became his all-consuming passion, the Italian trained like a man possessed and took the 2006 Trial World Champion title. Two years later, he featured on the popular television show “Striscia la Notizia” and his freestyle performances turned him into a television personality. 

Like a bike illusionist, his stunts become crazier by the day. Brumotti’s wheel wizardry has made him a multiple Guinness World Record holder and he has several endorsement deals with major brands. Even some serious injuries after an accident a few years ago could not stop this cycle junkie. “Impossible” challenges like a house roof? No problem for this miracle driver.

What about a ridiculously narrow bridge construction? Brumotti and his bike have the answer: 

The bearded Italian even has a trick for those who want nothing more than a round of golf. Along with professional cyclist Peter Sagan from the team Tinkoff-Saxo he hit the fairways during an altitude training camp. With the bike too of course. 

© YouTube// Peter SagFan

At the same camp in Livigno, the roads, a swimming pool, the gym, a bike park and the surrounding area all witnessed his exceptional talent. Vittorio and his feet on the ground? No chance.

© YouTube // Tinkoff Team

Brumotti continues to thrill cycling enthusiasts, fans, and the media even further with his freestyle videos showing more incredible trickery from this uniquely talented athlete. Conclusion: Unbelievable - but unless you’ve spent years training like Vittorio, don’t try it at home.

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