Felix Baumgartner meets I Dream of Jeannie?

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Photography: Getty Images, Shutterstock

A few weird and incredible pictures. A selection of our favourite stock photos. Without cats.

Stock photos are pictures for every occasion. Agencies have them in case they are needed at short notice. We found these in the depths of their archives.


Pineapple Anonymous?

Pineapple Anonymous? Kim Dotcom fighting the Fruit Ninja? We couldn’t say.

© shutterstock

Lumberjack-dog hates tree?

Lumberjacks are their own best friend? Dogs hate trees? A Westie Terrierises?

© shutterstock

Nintendo Wii Senior Pack

The Nintendo Wii Senior Pack. Withdrawn after animal rights protesters complain.

© shutterstock

Do those cakes smell too good?

Do those cakes smell too good? Or is it defiance of nuclear microwaves?

© shutterstock

A goodbye kiss?

A goodbye kiss? The forbidden love of crash test dummies? Don’t kiss ‘n’ ride.

© getty images

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