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Fit for the racing seat 

Photography: David Robinson / Red Bull Content Pool Illustrations: Heri Irwan

It’s not all glamour being an F1 driver. Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s new man Daniel Ricciardo reveals that sometimes it’s a bum rap

“With racing, you need total fitness,” says Daniel Ricciardo. “That means strength, but endurance and fast reaction training, too. F1 is incredibly fast, and has long races with cars that require you not to be bulky. So I would never bench-press 120kg. I’d do lower weights, at faster, high reps. One area of specific focus for a racing driver is your neck, because of the high G-loads we have to endure through the corners, with a helmet on. 

Then there’s the laid-back seating position, which feels like a continual sit-up. For that reason we work a lot on core strength and the glutes. When you get out of the car you really feel it in your arse! We need a lot of leg power for braking. Again, it’s not a question of being able to push a single load, but being able to push 100kg maybe 500 times. F1 is physically harder than other categories of racing; mainly because of the endurance, but also because of the loads.”

“The glute med raise is very driver-specific,” explains Ricciardo’s trainer Stuart Smith, of the move that works the gluteus medius muscles found on the hips,“because a lot of forces act through the pelvis.”

The following workouts work wonders on the gluteus medius muscles:

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04/2014 The Red Bulletin

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