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Bass Place

Photography: Jasper Brown and Sarah Ginn

From cold storage meat warehouse to the coolest club in the world, Fabric has got underground music all wrapped up

There used to be meat hanging on the walls at Fabric. Before the club opened on the premises in 1999, the east London venue was a cold storage warehouse for the market next door. “There wasn’t a lot going on in the area, culturally. There was no scene here,” recalls club manager Cameron Leslie. “That was one of the reasons why we started our own mini-cab service, because people couldn’t get away at that time of night because taxis didn’t come to this part of town.”

DJ Magazine has twice voted Fabric the best club in the world

Clubbers loved the place: 25,000 square feet of dance space with thumping underground sounds, from techno to dubstep, over three dancefloors. One of them is ‘bodysonic’, because 400 built-in bass transducers turn sound waves into body-shaking vibrations. DJ Magazine has voted Fabric the best club in the world twice. What does Leslie love about the venue? “A lot of people find the club’s maze-like layout confusing,” he says, “but that’s exactly what’s great about it. You often end up in a new room by chance, which means you get to discover new DJs.

After Party

It’s 8am on Sunday. Fabric is closing, your eyes are wide open, what should you do? 

Get breakfast 
Market-traders and revellers come together at beautifully restored Victorian pub The Fox And Anchor, to see the sunrise and eat fortifying bacon and eggs
115 Charterhouse Street, Londres EC1M 6AA

Go for a rummage
Only four Tube stops to the shops and market stalls of Brick Lane: vintage clothes and furniture, great coffee and music to go from Rough Trade East
Brick Lane, Londres E1 6PU

Keep going! 
London’s leading after-hours party is Jaded, which starts at 5am on Sundays. Endurance dancers and early-risers party there with tea and techno beats.
Corsica St., 4 Elephant Rd., 
Londres SE17 1LB

Club Sound 

Fabric’s mix CD series of favourite DJs is 13 years old and 150 strong. Here’s our top three. 

Jaques Lu Cont FabricLive

Jacques Lu Cont

Ultimate party mix from the one-time Madonna producer. His smooth transition from Also Sprach Zarathustra to Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics still remains unsurpassed.

David Rodigan FabricLive

David Rodigan

The 62-year-old DJ is a musical folk hero for bringing reggae to the masses in England in the 1970s. This is his celebration of four decades of Jamaican music.  

Four Tet FabricLive

Four Tet

With this mix, the master of delicate electronica helped bring about a revival of garage. Forgotten classics like Crazy Bald Heads meet hits by young talents such as Floating Points.

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