Kapow! Now

Illustrations: Heri Irawan

The explosion of superhero movies has sent a shockwave all the way back to their source material: Comic books in 2014 took a surprising turn for the better. 

X-MAN OF 2015?

His comic book uniform of yellow-and-black latex suit is a thing of the past. Next season’s adamantium-clawed mutant will be wearing the plaid shirt and three-quarter-length Fairtrade jeans of the neo-hipster. He also rejects violence: The only thing Wolverine will use his claws for is keeping his beard nice. 

Captain America

© Marvel

Captain America

Yes, we can! The shield has been passed to a black man in the 21st century: Sam Wilson was formerly the Falcon


© Marvel


The God of Thunder is now a goddess. War declared: feminists vs. nay-saying nerds online. 


© Walt Disney

Rocket Raccoon

Solo comic capers due to Guardians of The Galaxy film. Not a typical talking-animal strip. 

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12/2014 The Red Bulletin

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