Forgotten Heroes

History can be so unfair. These pioneers achieved great things, but time has almost buried them.
1. The discoverer of worlds 

Hugh Everett, physicist

When Everett published his work on parallel worlds in 1956, his peers said he was mad. The rejection was too much and he turned his back on science. Now Everett’s theories are widely accepted. 

2. The porn pioneer

Russ Meyer, director 

He combined big breasts with satire. Once derided as cheap smut, Meyer’s masterpieces now show at film archives around the world. The inscription on his gravestone says “I was glad to do it”.

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) from Russ Meyer 

3. The king of coffee

Eric Favre, inventor 

Favre created the coffee capsule in 1970, but Nestle went for instant coffee instead. The capsule was a flop. Now it’s a hit worth billions. 


© Nespresso

4. The low-budget logo


© Getty Images

Carolyn Davidson, designer 

Nike paid the student $35 for the logo. A deal’s a deal, after all. Later, she was given shares in recognition of her contribution. 

5. The first photographer

Hercule Florence, painter 

Florence invented photography in Brazil in 1833 but didn’t tell anyone. So others stole the glory, in distant Europe. 


© Getty Images

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