YouTube Mashup

YouTube has mixed up the way we listen to and make music—in good ways and bad.


1. Watch and learn. Given the right tutorial, anyone can become a musician.

2. Bands no longer have to pay an arm and a leg to get their video shown.

3. Music nerds can find all sorts on a public database.

4. Thanks to the YouTube Mixer, DJs now have the crossfader for a smooth transition every time.

5. Deserved parodying. 

Look at this Instagram, Nickelback Parody


1. Filming at a concert just so you can be the first on YouTube.

2. Club nights where the DJ plays straight from YouTube; clubgoers spend the whole time watching videos.

3. Diminished sound quality.

4. The unimaginative cover craze that won’t go away.

5. YouTube’s new music streaming service unsettles indie labels. 

Megan Nicole’s One Direction cover.

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02 2015 The Red Bulletin

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