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Fun, funny, improbable ideas of tomorrow

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A look into the ideas behind the Ig Nobel Prize, and a run down of the foods of tomorrow.

Laughable Ideas

The Ig Nobel Prize is an annual award made to the most improbable researchers and their flights of fancy. 

Gustano Pizzi
is making it safe to fly again. Anyone trying to hijack a plane will fall through a trap door into a box that will then float down via parachute straight into the arms of the police. 

The SpeechJammer shuts people up. The hand-held box produces an echo of the speaker’s words, slowing any verbal torrent. It also exists as an iPhone app. 

Medic Elena Bodnar has designed a bra that can be converted into two facemasks in an emergency. 

The wasabi fire alarm sprays the sting of horseradish if it senses a fire risk, thus rousing stubborn sleepers from their dreams. But no, the fire isn’t put out using soy sauce. 

On your plate of tomorrow

We’ll soon be eating better and more healthily. Here are the future delicacies you can try now (and one you can’t). 

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