Miss Moneypenny

The Ultimate bond girl

Photo (right): Todd Plitt

Once relegated to just being MI6’s most besotted assistant (“You always were a cunning linguist, James”), Moneypenny’s job description has been shaken and stirred with the times.

Naomie Harris

2012 - present

That mysterious Land Rover-driving, train-chasing, rib-breaking sniper babe at the start of Skyfall was revealed at the end of the movie to be none other than the modern iteration of Miss Moneypenny. She returns in Spectre, which hits theaters in November. We presume she will again take shit from no one.

Miss Moneypenny in: James Bond 007: Skyfall

Samantha Bond

Samantha Bond

1995 – 2002 

Said that “cunning linguist” line with a straight face. Types. 

Miss Moneypenny in: “Golden Eye (1995), “Tomorrow never dies” (1997), The World Is Not Enough” (1999) and “Die Another Day” (2002)

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Caroline Bliss

Caroline Bliss

1987 – 1989

Wears glasses. Books travel. Goes to meetings. Carries a notebook. Types.

Miss Moneypenny in: “The Living Daylights” (1987) and “Licence To Kill” (1989)

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Lois Maxwell

Lois Maxwell

1962 – 1985

Makes calls. Puts on lipstick. Files paperwork. Begs for jewelry. Types.

Miss Moneypenny in: “Dr. No” (1962), “From Russia with Love” (1963), “Goldfinger” (1964), “Thunderball” (1965), “You Only Live Twice” (1967), “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (1969), “The Man with the Golden Gun” (1974), “The Spy Who Loved Me” (1977), “Moon Raker” (1979), “For Your Eyes Only” (1981), “Octopussy” (1983), “A View to a Kill” (1985)

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