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Amazing miniature worlds from Slinkachu, comedian Hannibal Buress and Facebook tennis star Rafael Nadal: Follow, like and retweet your way to a stronger month


A tough day at the office will always be improved with a new perspective, and this London-based artist’s tiny creations certainly offer that. In his painstakingly constructed miniature world, tiny kitesurfers ride along shop walls while a mini Spiderman tries to save the city.


Rafael Nadal

He may not be number one in the world rankings, but on social media the Spaniard rules all, with almost 15 million likes on Facebook alone. For the start of this year’s Wimbledon, incidentally the most popular grand slam event on social media, add some tennis to your feed.

El #RafaNadalTour ha arrancado ya en Alicante ...

El #RafaNadalTour ha arrancado ya en Alicante. Chicos, esta es una nueva oportunidad para competir a tenis y practicar los valores del deporte. Además, recordad que el circuito es a beneficio de mi Fundación


Hannibal Buress

He’s funny, he’s topical, thanks to hit comedy Broad City and a recent Judd Apatow-produced doc about him making it in the world of stand-up, and, well, his name is Hannibal. Enough reasons to click ‘follow’ and bring this US comedian (and plenty of laughs) into your life.

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