Adam Trent

The magic that led adam trent to fame

Words: Andreas Tzortzis
Photography: Cory Jones

Is there a tougher path in entertainment than being a magician? Adam Trent played the streets and cruise ships before making it to the top.

Adam Trent’s career in magic began with a stutter. It was a fierce, uncontrollable habit that plagued him as a child but disappeared when he was doing his tricks in front of other people. Performance gave him confidence, and magic gave him the ability to read an audience and win them over. 

THE RED BULLETIN:  You worked as a busker for a year after college. Then cruise ships and college shows before landing with the Broadway show The Illusionists. You got hustle. 

ADAM TRENT: The people who want it will get it one way or another. The people who don’t want it won’t get it no matter what. There’s magicians who are much better than me, people that are more talented. The thing I could always do is outwork people.

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What do you like about street performing?
My whole life magic has opened doors for me. At the bar you’re getting free drinks bought for you. And you’re meeting these crazy people because you can do magic.

You can say “women,” by the way.

It is definitely the world’s best icebreaker.

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