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Where am I and where is the closest bathroom? 

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Navigation wasn’t always as easy as today thanks to the numerous apps at our disposal: Here’s how finding our way has changed over the years   


Even in the Stone Age, people looked out for Ursa Major and the North Star.

Check out this list of selected stars for navigation - you just might need it one night when your battery runs out.


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Pointing south for the directionally curious in China for a millennium.

Want to learn how to make your own compass? Check it out: here.


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Invented over 250 years ago, its mirror-and-scope method is still used at sea.

One question: What is a sextant?


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Since 1995, 24 satellites have you pinpointed, as long as your battery isn’t dead.

One of our favorite gadgets in the modern age. But how does it work? Here is the answer.


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