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Motorbikes, design, and life hacks: We tell you who to follow, friend and find out about online


The internet is made of two things: cats and life hacks. Owning the latter category is Lifehacker—the final word on the quirky and smart tricks that can make daily tasks easier. Everything is covered, from streamlining your cooking to upping productivity to getting more from your smartphone


Cafe Racers of Instagram

If you’re not a fan of cafe racers, you should be. This hugely popular and highly professional portfolio of gorgeous custom motorbikes will have you drooling over glimmering chrome and burning rubber, all in rustic settings. It’s totally safe-for-work transportation porn.

Choose your adventure. Photo by @heartsandtearsmc. #croig #caferacersofinstagram #caferacer

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Perhaps you’re an architecture fanboy or maybe you appreciate innovative design. Either way, Dwell ’s feed of the best new homes and accessories, as much a celebration of innovation, green technology and resourcefulness as it is a gratuitous spectacle of enviable pads—is worth a follow.

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