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5 new adventure gadgets to sync your outdoor game from CES week in Vegas

Words: Josh Rakic
Photo: Getty Images/David Becker

The biggest international tech convention showcases some of this year’s best new gadgets.

Robot nannies, toddler treadmills and 12K TVs aside, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has no shortage of offerings for the outdoor adventurer. The four-day event raised the curtains Thursday and while more surprises are in store, we’ve scoured the pre-releases and the maiden day’s unveilings to bring you a list of the top five innovations designed to streamline and enhance your next adventure.

LeEco Smart Mountain Bike

© Facebook/LeEco 

Set to be available in time for summer, the LeEco Smart Mountain Bike combines all your mountain biking needs in one, with the 27-pound Toray T700 carbon fibre setup possessing a state-of-the-art four-inch touchscreen display powered by an Android-based OS. Water-resistant and with a long-life 6000mAh battery, the touch screen’s star features its turn-by-turn GPS. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It also includes constant heart-rate monitoring, compass, accelerometer, barometer, light level sensor, wheel speed and crank speed sensor, and any other monitor you can imagine. You can stream music and it includes a walkie talkie to communicate with other LeEco bikes in the vicinity. It’ll also notify your phone if someone’s trying to steal the likely incredibly expensive beast. And it’s a solid offroad bike, too, with hydraulic brakes, Suntour Air fork and 11-speed one-by drivetrain.

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Neofect Rapael Smart Glove

© YouTube/NEOFECT   

When you come off your Smart Bike dropping a gnarly run on Blackcomb and tear ligaments and bones from your wrist, rest assured you’ll be rehabilitated without even knowing it. The new Neofect Rapael Smart Glove unveiled at CES - which rents at $99 a month - is effectively a Nintendo Power Glove with healing capabilities. Linked to doctor-designed software on your phone or tablet, it helps users perform and monitor rehabilitation exercises to best repair your injured paw in limited time. And it’s packed with sensors and software to effectively be your 24/7 hands-on physiotherapist.

Garmin Fenix 5X

© YouTube/Garmin

Forget the Fenix 4 (it doesn’t exist), Garmin has skipped straight over the likely progression of the epic Fenix 3 and gone straight to the all-new Fenix 5, 5s and 5X upgrades. They all feature the the stuff you’ve come to love from the previous edition, including 24/7 activity tracking, super long battery life, mapping, heart rate monitor and myriad tracking features. But the re-design ups the game in the style, tech and waterproof departments. You can now dive up to 300 feet without worry of damaging any of the tech or Wi-Fi functions, which include pre-loaded TOPO US cycling mapping, call, text and email notifications on the watch display, GPS guidance, points of interest alerts and too much more to mention.

Motiv Smart Ring

© YouTube/PCMag

Don’t wanna have matching Fitbits with mom? Well, cringe no more, with the people at Motiv managing to jam a whole bracelet’s worth of technology into a ring. Finally, a ring soon-to-be-wed adventurers can get excited about. With heart-race sensors, step, sleep and active minutes tracker, the grey and or rose gold titanium ring is the lightest heavyweight around. Smart phone syncable, easy to charge and all the rest, it’s a subtle alternative to the bulkier fitness accessories.

BodyTrak Earphones

© YouTube/Alec Creighton

But a ring doesn’t play music. Which makes the BodyTrak Earphones the ideal solution for the beats-craving explorer. Better yet, the wireless buds - due out in summer - track your core body temp, heart rate and everything else you’ve come to expect from a fitness tracker. Only you don’t have to risk having your hand or wrist jewelery caught on inanimate objects to enjoy the benefits.

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