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A salute to the most badass women in the outdoors

Words: Josh Rakic
Photo: Collin Stark

It’s International Women’s Day and to get into the spirit we bring you a collection of the most badass women we’ve interviewed over the years who aren’t just smart, beautiful and talented but inspiring to boot.
Gemita Samarra
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© Courtesy of Gemita Samarra

A circus kid turned stuntwoman, 22-year-old Gemita Samarra will kick your ass. When she’s not acting, freediving or scaling high-rises as a stunt double for Bond girls like Léa Seydoux in the latest 007 Spectre, she’s living the simple life out of her tent in the English countryside with her trusty wolf by her side. Read her story here.

Julia Mancuso
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© Julia Mancuso

If you thought alpine skier Julia Mancuso was better than you just because she’s an Olympic gold medalist, you’d be wrong. She’s better than you in more ways than just one. As if being a three-time Olympian and four-time medalist isn’t impressive enough, this Nevada native has beauty, brains and a fierce adventurous spirit to boot. Read her story here.

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Johnie Gall
paddleboarding, adventure, photography

© Dirtbag Darling

From editor at female surf lifestyle title FOAM Magazine to free-rappeling across the Utah desert and documenting her adventures via her increasingly popular social channels (@dirtbagdarling), and writing for brands, Johnie Gall is doing what most only dare to dream of. And she’s carrying a message of realistic aspiration, too. Did we mention she lives in a van? Read her full story here.

Alexi Pappas
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© Courtesy of Tracktown

An elite runner who competed for Greece at the Rio Games, dual US and Greek citizen Alexi Pappas isn’t content with being your average athlete. In fact, she wrote, co-directed and starred in her own semi-autobiographical film, Tracktown, which was a darling of the film festival scene in 2016 and just this month has been picked up by Samuel Goldwyn Films for a wide distribution in May. Read her full story here.

Alicia Vela-Bailey & Heidi Moneymaker

They don’t come more badass than Alicia Vela-Bailey & Heidi Moneymaker, who perform the stunts for Wonder Woman and Black Widow respectively in the upcoming films. Both have made a career out of kicking ass and taking men’s names, and their skills and agility put Chuck Norris to shame. Read their full story here.

Leticia Cline
fashion, motorcycle, adventure

© Courtesy of Leticia Cline

This Kentucky native has made a career out of working in nearly every facet of the motorcycle industry - as a model, journalist, brand ambassador and member of the Iron Lilies, an all-women, all-Harley biker group based in Orlando, Florida. After spending a wild summer riding her bike across 34 states, we caught up with the adventure seeker to talk about her journey, her craziest road trip stories and her passion for two wheels. Read her full story here.

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