5 New Shows That Didn’t Earn a Second Season Renewal (ratings-wise) But Deserve The Shot

words: Lena Kouyoumdjian

From dramedies to musicals, here are a collection of TV shows that deserve a second season. 

If pop quizzes, Hillary Clinton, and the discontinuation of Four Loko have taught us anything, it’s that life is not fair. And nowhere is this old adage more true than in the world of TV ratings. Sometimes a great show doesn’t pull great freshman ratings, and unlike you telling Officer Melendez that you didn’t realize you were in a 55 zone, it really, truly, is not the show’s fault. Maybe the show wasn’t marketed well. Maybe it had a weird time slot. Maybe everyone’s attention was consumed by the circus that has replaced American politics.

Some of the shows that we have come to know and love dearly had such poor ratings in their nascence that they almost didn’t make it past a first season. Though it’s hard to imagine now with seven seasons and its status as an American treasure, but 30 Rock was almost axed after just 21 episodes. Parks & Recreation, too! But fortunately, they were awarded new seasons even though their ratings at the time didn’t warrant it.

With that in mind, here are five new shows that just barely scraped together a second season, but absolutely deserve their second shot. 

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The CW’s Rachel Bloom vehicle has several things going for it. For one, its musical arrangements are clever enough to win over musical fans and haters alike. Two, it has some clutch jokes—Bloom isn’t afraid to take a shot at herself, and the self-deprecation is working for her. And three, its casting actually reflects the ethnic diversity of the city the show takes place in: West Covina, of all places. Hopefully season two brings Crazy’s ratings up to par with the level of its quality.


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Did Baskets appeal to everyone? No. But, can everyone agree that the show took risks and made bold choices? Yes. And with all of the cookie-cutter family sitcoms, detective procedurals, and teen dramas occupying our airwaves, shouldn’t a little real estate be devoted to something different and groundbreaking? In an interview with Vulture, the creative team hinted that a theme of Baskets second season will be happiness. And how promising does that sound?

Lethal Weapon

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Based on the 1987 movie of the same name, Lethal Weapon covers a lot of ground. It’s got great action scenes, and it’s extremely silly. It has twisty plots, and real pathos. Great acting, and great casting. Are there other action dramedies on the air? Of course. But shouldn’t we hold on to the ones that are really good? Seems like the answer is yes. And fortunately for us, Fox agrees.

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The Good Place

If you’re up on your industry stats, you know that The Good Place comes from Michael Schur: comedy powerhouse and creator of Parks and Recreation—another show that was slow out of the gate in season one, but went on to win over our hearts and views for seven seasons. The Good Place has created a complex world—one that, at times, feels rocky—but with Schur’s track record, it will no doubt go on to yield better and better jokes over the next few seasons.

The Mick

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The Mick was Fox’s most successful new comedy since New Girl, but after initially impressive ratings, it fell to a more average—and precarious—spot in the network’s lineup. Still, The Mick earned that impressive debut with sharp jokes, witty timing, and the seasoned comedy chops of Kaitlin Olson. The Mick takes some dark digs at the youngest characters on the show, adding a level of irreverence that is refreshing for a network comedy. All signs point to up being the only direction for season two.

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