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Watch the Game of Thrones season six trailer 

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Quench your Game of Thrones thirst with the first full trailer for season six and revel in its magnificence. 

It’s finally here. With just over a month to go until Season 6 sends us all into rapture, Game of Thrones has given us something to quench the thirst with the first full trailer.

These are very exciting times indeed. For the first time since the show began, readers of the books are in exactly the same situation as everyone else. No one knows what is going to happen, but we’ve been given a couple of clues with this new clip. 

The trailer starts in a relaxed, somewhat romantic fashion with a questionable music choice (not the song, but the version of it) before the action really kicks in and you wish it was April 24th already. See for yourself below. 

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Is that Jon Snow we see there, looking very dead and being guarded by Ser Davos? What has Melisandre been lying about? Why is Danaerys looking so worried? Will Ser Jorah find her? How badass will The Mountain be this season and is Cersei back to her old ways? Will the Bolton’s reign come to an end in the North? And what exactly is so terrifying about the great game Tyrion??

We’ll find out these answers and more when the show comes out on April 24th. 

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