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Edgar Ramírez has risen to become king of the Hollywood ring without having an ego or forgetting where he came from.

Acting was only meant to be a hobby for Edgar Ramírez, who turned down film offers to complete his studies and pursue a career in international diplomacy. But his true passion won out, and a series of roles in thrillers and action moviesDomino, The Bourne Ultimatum, Vantage Point, Zero Dark Thirty, a terrific lead turn in Carlos and upcoming releases The Girl on the Train and Gold—have kept him busy. 

There’s more to Ramírez than muscle and menace, though; he speaks five languages and uses his fame for good, raising awareness of humanitarian issues in his birthplace of Venezuela and elsewhere.

In new movie Hands of Stone, he stars as Roberto Duran, the boxer who was reported to have quit a title fight with the words “No mas” (no more). We can, however, expect much more from this 39-year-old with a talent for tackling big-screen roles and real-world problems.

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