Are these the most polite put-downs in movie history?

Words: JJ Dunning
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Mind your language! This hilarious new supercut from YouTubers “Burger Fiction” celebrates the art of creative swearing.

Face it: we all swear. Even the most clean-living of us drops the occasional f-bomb. Because, at the end of the day, try hitting your thumb with a hammer and saying something positive. It’s really very hard.

In movies, like in EastEnders, swearing isn’t always possible. Especially not when the movie is supposed to be good, clean, family fun.

Say what? Dumb And Dumber’s Lloyd Christmas can’t believe his ears.

© YouTube/Burger Fiction

Prolific YouTubers Jonathan Britnell and Andy Schneider, aka Burger Fiction, know this. The Austin, Texas based duo have created this mash-up of classic movie moments where the characters got creative to avoid sticking a coin in the swear jar.  

Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken’s sinister and absurdist name-calling scene in True Romance is included - the one where Hopper calls Walken an “eggplant”, to which the retort is “well, you’re a canteloupe.” 

Spot the scenes from timeless films including Star Wars, The Breakfast Club, The Princess Bride, Anchorman, and, er, The Smurfs.

Imagine if Princess Leia had gone further than just calling Han Solo a “nerve-hurter”. A New Hope would have been blacklisted. And where’s the effing sense in that?

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© YouTube // Burger Fiction

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