Lady Leshurr

“Turn negativity into creativity”

Words: Florian Obkircher
Photograpy: Alex de Mora

Lady Leshurr - The feisty wordsmith is tipped as the U.K.’s next rap sensation. Here, she explains how Snapchat can boost your confidence.

THE RED BULLETIN: You avoid rap clichés like violence and drugs, yet your Queen’s Speech Ep.4 video had 29 million YouTube views. How did you do it while staying authentic? 

LADY LESHURR: I’ve never even sworn in my lyrics! Promoting violence isn’t an option, because I don’t live that life. I use silly jokes and cultural references instead—things I’m happy with. I’d already proved my technical abilities, and on the Queen’s Speeches I put the real me into my music for the first time.

What empowered you to do that?

It sounds corny, but Snapchat has given me a lot of confidence. I feel I can show my silly side, and people really appreciate it.

Watch the Queen’s Speech Ep.4 video

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But with success comes negativity, too. How do you cope?

In Queen’s Speech Ep.4, I say, “How could you talk my name and you ain’t even brushed your teeth?” That’s my reaction to a hater’s early-morning tweet.

The trick is to turn negative comments into creativity. 

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