Mads Mikkelsen

A Force to be reckoned with 

Words: Rüdiger Sturm
Photo: Jason Bell

MADS MIKKELSEN: Whether he’s crushing it on the court or designing the Death Star, Hollywood’s great Dane is all about power ball. 

THE RED BULLETIN: Do you believe in the Force?

MADS MIKKELSEN: There are certain aspects I can identify with, like the idea of trusting yourself or that anything can happen. 

Can you feel the Force yourself?

Of course. Especially when I’m playing sports.

Really? What does it feel like?

Like total flow. You forget everything when you run around after a ball. That kind of improvisation - I just love it.

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And what about winning, is that important to you?

Very. I’m a sore loser. But I’m also a really mean winner.

What’s the definition of a really mean winner?
Someone who brags shamelessly after they’ve won.

What’s the greatest victory you’ve ever had?
It was a handball goal I scored in my youth.

And your worst defeat?
I completely wipe those from my memory. 

Mads Mikkelsen has often been casted as the role of villain. The Dane knows - at least since the Star Wars shooting - how to behave on the dark side. These films are the impressive proof of this:

Pusher II (2004)

© YouTube/ChuiAP

Casino Royale (2006)

© YouTube/Evan Duffy

Doctor Strange (2016)
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

© YouTube/Star Wars HQ

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