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Predicting the 8 breakout film and TV stars of 2017

Words: Jason Wolf

We run the rule over the year’s most anticipated films to bring you the list of Hollywood’s next generation of superstars

Every star burns out eventually, clearing the way for the next generation of supernovae to shine brightly. And with more avenues than ever for actors to break-in during TV’s golden age and the studios’ desperate efforts to return film to the throne, there’s never been a better time to be an actor. Whether they’re starring in the year’s biggest tentpole features or becoming the next indie darling, here are some actors set to become household names in 2017.

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Trevante Rhodes

Rhodes’s rueful performance in Moonlight as the adult-aged Chiron caught the attention of those who’ve taken it upon themselves to discover the little-seen film. Perhaps the film winning Best Dramatic Picture at the Golden Globes this year will help shine the light on this burgeoning actor, though it appears others have already begun to take notice. In addition to appearing on HBO’s hit show Westworld, Trevante is slated to appear in at least five movies in 2017, including a reboot of  Predator.

Annabelle Wallis 

Wallis has been a journeywoman for the past decade, but her stardom may be just about to soar. The Peaky Blinders actor is confirmed to have two substantial roles in 2017 films, each of which are vying for tentpole box offices figures. First, she’ll be appearing in Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, followed soon after by The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise.

Jason Mitchell

"The eyes Chico.. they never lie"

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Jason Mitchell canonized the role of Eazy-E in 2015’s Straight Outta Compton, and his resume is beginning to stack up as a result. Set to appear in more than four films in 2017, Mitchell will likely attract the most eyes during this spring’s Kong: Skull Island, but will also be working with reputable names such as Kathryn Bigelow and James Franco.

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Finn Jones
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For many, Finn Jones may have the status as a “that guy” actor. He’s played a meaty role on TV titan Game of Thrones as Loras Tyrell, but a slew of work lies ahead for this actor, having crossed the rubicon by signing onto a Marvel shared universe project. Jones will appear as the titular Marvel character in Netflix’s Iron Fist, where his role will flow into The Defenders, Marvel’s TV version of The Avengers. Get ready to binge-watch Finn Jones as the Iron Fist across multiple interwoven shows.

Fionn Whitehead

Whether it’s Christian Bale as Batman or Tom Hardy in Inception, filmmaker Christopher Nolan has elevated several of his actors into the limelight. Immutable to Nolan, the 2017 World War II film Dunkirk will feature an ensemble cast of many familiar faces. However, said to be in the lead role is newcomer Fionn Whitehead. Though this investment may take time to bear returns, as Whitehead’s slate is virtually empty this year, Christopher Nolan’s films certainly command attention and there’s no doubt audiences will be inquiring about this Hollywood greenhorn.

Jack Reynor


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Reynor stole scenes in 2016’s charming cult favorite Sing Street. The award circuit is doing what justice it can to the criminally under-marketed film by throwing it some nominations, but hopefully at least Reynor can earn some attention. He’s due to appear in a handful of films in 2017, which, if the law of averages has any weight, should prove a meritorious route despite the films lacking in any particular stature.

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Dafne Keen

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In the realm of superhero fandom, few trailers have inspired as much hope to deliver an impactful comic book movie this year as Logan. And if this film becomes a hit, it’s easy to imagine studios mining the cast for future projects. Alongside star Hugh Jackman is child actress Dafne Keen. If Keen performs well, she may be competing for roles with similarly aged Millie Bobby Brown, a breakout child actress on “Stranger Things.”

Boyd Holbrook
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Also set to reap the rewards should Logan be successful is Boyd Holbrook, whose career is already on the ascent given his prominence in popular productions such as Netflix’s Narcos. But perhaps his fame can go next level if he shows well in Logan, where he plays the chief antagonist.

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