Carmen Electra

Quiz - How well do you know your celebrities? 

Photo: Manfred Werner/Tsui/Wikimedia Commons

Bob Dylan, Carmen Electra or Ricky Martin. These stars are all household names. But do you know what their real names are? Find out by taking our quiz! 

Bob Dylan turns 75 this week. But Bob Dylan doesn’t even exist. At least not officially. The iconic musician has been performing for almost 50 years under his stage name, and he’s not the only one.

The reasons for using a different name vary, some have chosen them as a tribute to their idols, others have done it out of necessity to avoid being confused with other Hollywood greats and others just thought their names were simply far too complicated.

Think you know your stars? Then prove it by taking our quiz and find out why and how these celebs chose their stage names. 


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