Rebecca Ferguson

“Forget your comfort zone”

Words: Rüdiger Sturm

The Mission: Impossible star Rebecca Ferguson is confronting her fears with the help of Tom Cruise and some fierce marine predators.

Fans of U.K. period dramas might do a double take when Mission: Impossible 5 hits theaters on July 31. Dodging explosions alongside Tom Cruise is Rebecca Ferguson, best known for her role as Elizabeth Woodville in historical drama The White Queen, which aired on Starz in 2013. The 31-year-old actress tells The Red Bulletin about her life of danger.

THE RED BULLETIN: Have you ever faced a mission impossible of your own?

REBECCA FERGUSON: Yes, the time I had to jump off a building, 130 feet up. 

Would anyone with their head on straight do that?

The Mission: Impossible 5 crew would. In this scene, Tom Cruise and I had to leap from the roof of the Vienna State Opera building. We were wearing harnesses, but I can’t believe I went through with it—I’m absolutely terrified of heights.

Mission: Impossible 5 Trailer

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Was it easier with Tom Cruise by your side?

Yes. Tom helped me a lot. He’d shot scenes like that multiple times in the past and was very calm. I wrapped my legs around him and he jumped.

So, is jumping from tall buildings your new hobby?

I wouldn’t say that. But I’m a lot less afraid of heights now. Repeating it over and over was the best therapy.

Life is Swede: Stockholm-born Rebecca Ferguson owes her non-Scandinavian name to her British mom.

How are you coping now that the adrenaline rush of filming M:I 5 is over?

I do miss the training routine—stunts, yoga and Pilates, six hours a day, six days a week. My body really loved it. Well, I still do Pilates, at least.

Rebecca Ferguson

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You’re not moping around in bed, then?

There’s always that choice whether to lounge around in bed or get up. Personally, I’ll always go for getting up, moving around, surrounding myself with good people and eating good food.

Is there any challenge you’d shy away from? Shark diving, for instance?

If I tell you everything I’m afraid of, somebody might offer me a role based on challenging my fears …

What’s wrong with that?

Nothing at all. I love taking on a challenge. That’s why I’m an actress, after all. 

What do you mean?

This job is all about leaving your comfort zone. You’re always trying something new.

So, shark diving isn’t out of the question?

I’ve already done it! It was good fun. I’ve got a lot of respect for those fish. 

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