Tink: “I’m the People’s Choice”

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Aaron Miller of Toronto-based record label Arts & Crafts introduces emerging R&B artist Tink. We take it a step further and see how her brash, engaging attitude is taking over Chicago.
Aaron Miller

Miller is manager of programming for Arts & Crafts, a Toronto-based record label, artist manager, music publisher and event producer. 

Versatility is a rare trait in today’s crowded worlds of rap and R&B. Tink brings “fingers up” hip-hop swagger effortlessly into her moody, post-Cassie R&B, and vice versa. In a scene that gets most of its global attention for an army of one-note drill rappers (not hating), Tink is emerging as one of the more dynamic and interesting characters.

I’d heard a bunch of her stuff scattered across different blogs and mix tapes over a couple of years, but her street-tinted crooning on the DJ Hustlenomics–hosted Winter’s Diary tape was what really caught my attention for her ability to strike that balance.


TINK: I’m the people’s choice. Relatable, easily understood, and real at the age of 19. You can feel my energy.

Favorite all-time hook?

“I get so weak in the knees/I can hardly speak/I lose all control/ Then something takes over me.” That’s “Weak” by SWV.

Hardest rapper ever?

Probably DMX.

Most important hip-hop landmark in the Chi?

There’s not too many landmarks involving hip-hop in Chicago. People make an impact and usually leave.

“I just enjoy putting people in touch with their feelings.”

Whos your dream collaboration and why?

My dream collaboration would be alongside Lauryn Hill. Her tone and meaning behind each song gives me the chills! It would be an honor.

What about working with Sleigh Bells was most interesting to you?

Sleigh Bells are down for whatever! When we’re in the studio it’s like a playground. We can do anything from A to Z … get creative! No boundaries.

If you had to choose between rapping and singing, which one and why?

If I had to choose, it would be singing. It was my first love; I just enjoy putting people in touch with their feelings.

Whats your dream venue to perform at and why?

My dream venue is Soldier Field. I love that place because it’s in Chicago, and I always remember going to games feeling little because the venue is so big. To pack it out would mean a lot.


Find Tink’s latest song Sleigh Bells ‘That Did it’ Feat. Tink, and more here.

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