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Róisín Murphy: “Don’t fear the blank page”

Photo: Mark Farrow

The flamboyant queen of dance pop is back after eight years, with tips on being creative and love for her heiress, Lady Gaga.

THE RED BULLETIN: For your new album, you wrote 30 songs in only four weeks. Where do you draw inspiration from? 

RÓISÍN MURPHY: All of life is inspiration. But you have to actually do the work to draw upon. Recently I had a day of total emptiness, a day spent in the opposite mode to inspired. The next day I sat down and wrote a song about exactly that.

The first single “Exploitation” of her third album “Hairless Toys”.

Can you really force creativity like that?

I think so. With all my years of experience, I know the feeling really well. It’s important not to be frightened of the blank page. I force myself to sit down and do it, and it always works.

You took an eight-year break from music to start a family. Has the industry changed a lot in that time?

When I released Overpowered, people said, “This is one of the best pop records of the last 20 years. But she’s not a pop star because she’s too weird.” Today people like Lady Gaga are allowed to be both, which is great. I came along too early.


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