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iPhone Insights by Hoodie Allen

Interview: Florian Obkircher
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Pop rapper Hoodie Allen gives The Red Bulletin deep insights on his communication habits and his strong connection to his iPhone.

Hoodie Allen is one of the funniest and most charming pop-rappers to surface from New York in recent history. The music video for his latest hit single “All About It“ shows him and Ed Sheeran working out in superhero costumes and his debut studio album People Keep Talking, which cracked the US Billboard Top 10 last October, is a witty commentary “on the fact that there’s always going to be constant noise and communication in the world we live in”, the 26-year-old says. So when The Red Bulletin sat down with Allen on the day after his London gig recently, it seemed obvious to discuss his own communication habits.

“All About It” by Hoodie Allen ft. Ed Sheeran

THE RED BULLETIN: What phone do you use?

I have an old iPhone in a mophie case. Actually the bottom half of the case is missing, therefore it’s pretty useless. It protects the phone but it doesn’t charge it. At least half the job is done.

When do you switch off your phone?

I’m on my phone all the time basically. I’ve tried to make an effort not to be on it during meals and to focus on human contact, but you know how it is. It’s normal when you go out nowadays to see a restaurant full of people having dinner with each other while they’re looking down on their phones. It’s crazy.

Hoodie Allen

“It’s normal when you go out nowadays to see a restaurant full of people having dinner with each other while they’re looking down on their phones. It’s crazy”

© Matty Vogel

“I’m on my phone all the time. I’ve tried not to be on it during meals and focus on human contact, but you know how it is.”
Hoodie Allen

What was the last song you listened on your phone?

It might be “Sober“ by Childish Gambino. The track is from his recent EP Kauai. The instrumental is great and I love the witty lyrics too. Childish Gambino is an amazing artist. The guy can sing, he can rap – and obviously he can act as well. I loved him in Community. It’s a shame he left the show. 

What was the last video you watched on your phone?

I think it was this clip of the TV show The Price Is Right. It’s an 84-year-old grandma who won a brand-new car due to her unusual golf putting style. It’s weird, but funny.

The last video Hoodie watched on his phone.

Hoodie Allen

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What’s the last picture you posted on Instagram?

It’s a shot of my girlfriend and me in Dublin. She paid me a surprise visit when I was there for a show. The photo was taken on a bridge crossing the River Liffey, which flows through the city centre. It was my third time in Dublin, but in the past the only things I got to see were venues and bars. This time I got to walk around a bit, which was exciting.

What was the last game you played on your phone?

I play a lot of games on my phone. Actually I had to delete a lot of them recently because I was running out of space. Subway Surfers was one I loved. I used to be big on Temple Run too. It ruined my life for a little bit. What I find interesting is that the shelf life of games is really short. They become so popular in an instant and then people are so done with them immediately. It’s kind of crazy. Like the way Flappy Bird exploded and everybody played it, but now nobody does anymore. I’m glad music doesn’t work that way. 

Hoodie Allen

Steven Adam Markowitz, better known by his stage name Hoodie Allen, was born in New York City.

© Matty Vogel

What’s the last text you got?

My DJ telling me that I left stuff in the hotel. I tend to lose stuff like necklaces from time to time. To avoid that, you got to do what we call a dummy check. When you think you’ve checked the hotel room, do it again and really look for everything.

Who do you have on speed dial?

My family, my band and some close friends. 

Nobody unusual? Not even a food delivery service or something?

See, I live in New York City and we have this app called Seamless. The food options are endless. If you’re in my neighborhood in East Village check out Artichoke Pizza, that’s a very good one.  

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