Which is the best Batmobile?

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The car is almost as cool as the character. With a new model about to cruise Gotham City, which one of Batman’s Batmobiles is the best?

“It’s the car, right, chicks love the car,” said Val Kilmer’s Caped Crusader in Batman Forever. Then when Christian Bale’s “Dark Knight” hit the streets of Gotham in a pimped out bat-tank, Jim Gordon drooled “I gotta get me one of those.” Whatever about who dons the mask, Batman fans have always been turned on by the wheels. So of all the versions to date, which is the best Batmobile?  

Like and dislike your favorites below by clicking on the thumbs up or thumbs down icons and decide which Batmobile is the best! 

Batman V Superman will be in cinemas from March 24th

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