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The biggest plot holes in The Walking Dead

Words: Jason Wolf
Photo: Flickr/Rpavich

Either these glaring logic leaps slipped the creators’ minds, or zombies chewed out their brain stems, because some of these contrivances are almost too much to take.

The Walking Dead is the most popular show in America, which is perhaps why fans give it the pass on some of its not-so-believable plot holes. One would think a show with British actors doing southern accents in a post-apocalyptic dystopia featuring weekly cartoonish zombie deaths would be airtight, but it’s sadly just not always the case… These characters are in a constant struggle for their lives, but you’d have to guess even these topics would be cause for pause.

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Why didn’t Rick’s group hide any of their weaponry before Negan’s first arrival for payment?

At the beginning of Season 7, Rick’s group was beset with a simple understanding: half of their things now belong to Negan. But, Negan gave Rick almost a week to prepare for his moving trucks to arrive for their first payment of goods. Naturally, Negan swiped most of their food, their mattresses, and took all of their weaponry. They had five days to prepare and still didn’t think to hide any of their weapons, any of their food - nothing. Everyone knows you have to keep a little nest egg somewhere, Rick.

Why aren’t they farming food?

Bereft of food, the residents of Alexandria have been starving. Their desperation for a food source even set forth the events leading to a couple of key characters kissing the end of a baseball bat clutched in barbed wire. But why did they make no attempt to restore agricultural development on their property? Growing crops would ensure self-sufficiency and sustainability, but the group was much quicker to resort to murdering for food rather than finding solutions to harvest their own supply.


The standards of living sure haven’t seemed greatly affected when it comes to people’s health and appearance. Granted, The Walking Dead has actually done well with many of the show’s actors growing out their hair for long periods of time. But, these characters are essentially vagrants and yet their teeth, breath, body odor, and grooming habits are apparently non factors. Sunburns and weight fluctuations don’t even seem to enter into the equation.

Why aren’t zombies dying of old age or starvation?

In Season 3, that scientist guy from 3:10 to Yuma at Woodbury said that zombies do starve, but just slowly. So, when’s that going to come into play again? And wouldn’t decay finally wither away zombies’ brains too? Shouldn’t most zombies be starved to death or fully decomposed by now?

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Doesn’t Rick’s group deserve punishment?

Apparently, Alexandrians are too concerned with facing admonishment from Rick to mention it but, didn’t they bring Negan’s tyranny on themselves? Rick’s group killed forty of Negan’s men and yet they want to go to war with The Saviors after they kill four Alexandrians. It seems surprising that nobody was counting their blessings that Negan spared so many of their lives, despite him having just cause to knock ‘em all out and inhabit their suburban homes after they drew first blood.

Zombie guts camouflage

Slathering zombie innards across a poncho has proven to be unassailable camouflage amidst zombie hordes. But then why has this not become the latest fashion trend sweeping the apocalyptic nation? It ought to be standard-issue uniform for when they go outside the walls scavenging for supplies. Considering the proven usefulness of this tactic, we need to see this cleverness employed more often on the show.  

Why hasn’t Negan plundered The Kingdom?

With education programs, agriculture, livestock, and choir troupes, The Kingdom is the show’s most thriving survivalist community. So why is Negan’s tithing fee a small contribution of food? In such dismal times, it’s unusual that anybody, let alone an opportunist like Negan, would pass up the chance to ditch his industrial smokestack homestead and occupy the cushy living of The Kingdom, or Alexandria for that matter. 

Where’s the water coming from?

The team spends a lot of time scavenging for food but water, somehow, seems to be in large supply - somewhere. Consider for a moment most of their food is tinned, and it’s been seasons since we’ve seen anyone with a bottle of Evian in their hand, just where is the water coming from? Any streams, lakes or dams we’ve seen have been contaminated with decaying zombies.

Why hasn’t someone killed Negan yet?

It’s infuriating. Stockholm syndrome or otherwise, you can’t expect thousands of people who’ve been tortured themselves by Negan and have witnessed him kill or maim their own to simply be content. Dwight especially. They have high grade weaponry. He doesn’t carry a gun, nor does he have bodyguards or a safe perch from which to dictate from. He could be shivved, shot or pushed at any moment. Hell, even the world’s greatest dictators have been targets of a number of assassination attempts by their own people. It’s a baseball bat against a gun, people. 

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