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The hottest 1980s movie babes you’ve totally forgotten about

Words: Josh Rakic
Photo: Flickr/Jose Camoes Silva

Re-shining the light on these naturally gorgeous women

Long before side-boob, under-boob, purposely see-through tops and thigh-high dress slits dominated celebrity women’s fashion there was a more modest time when the world’s most idolized women were revered more for their natural beauty and coming-of-age roles than their explicit wardrobe, sex tapes and revealing Instagram accounts. And while 1980s designers have a lot to apologize for in the way of fashion - puffy prom dresses anyone? - the decade deserves a pat on the back for unearthing some of the planet’s most beautiful women. Many of whom you’ve sadly forgotten about or never even heard of, but would likely be household names were they to debut today.

Here are five of the most beautiful women that have been relegated to the annals of cinematic history.

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phoebe cates

1982’s Fast Times at Ridgemont High remains an epic coming-of-age film to this day for three reasons. Firsty, it was written by Cameron Crowe who had gone undercover as a student at a San Diego high school in 1980 and used his experiences to write the film. Therefore, it’s an epic looking glass into the high school culture of the early 1980s. Secondly, it allowed us to meet Sean Penn for the first time, as a hilarious stoner no less. And thirdly, it introduced a red bikini-clad (and later removed) Phoebe Cates to the world. No words.

Claudia Wells
claudia wells, back to the future, girlfriend

© Vimeo/Jamie Benning

She was Marty McFly’s original girlfriend, Jennifer Parker, in Back to the Future before family illness sadly forced her to pull out of the planned sequels and be replaced by Elisabeth Shue. Wells did return to the small screen in the TV adaptation of Fast Times (above) in Cates’ role, but has only worked sporadically since. She remains one of the most stunning faces to ever grace the silver screen.

Kelly Le Brock
kelly brock, weird science, actress, babe

It was every teenage boy’s fantasy in a decade largely considered to be the coming of the future, a virtual computer-animated dream woman come to life in the form of brunette Kelly Le Brock. We’re talking Weird Science, a movie which featured 1980s staples Anthony Michael Hall and Robert Downey Jr. (three names were a trend), and was penned by none other than the prolific John Hughes. Le Brock’s natural look in the 1980s seems to have inspired plastic surgery junkies ever since.

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helen slater

Before the hit show on the CW, Supergirl was first brought to live action in an eponymous release in 1984, hitting cinemas smack in the middle of summer. To this day it remains one of most forgettable films in history, with a mere 7 per cent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But it’s star, Helen Slater, is equally unforgettable.

Mia Sara

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was only the beginning for Matthew Broderick but for whatever reason co-star and on-screen dreamboat Mia Sara’s career never reached the same heights. She’s worked consistently ever since but never quite found that status she was deserving of.

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