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The Mysterious James Supercave


L.A. radio powerhouse KCRW has nurtured acts like Beck and Coldplay. Is James Supercave next? Music director Jason Bentley tells us why you have a lot to look forward to with this band.
james bentley
James Bentley

Bentley is KCRW’s music director. “I have always been fascinated by the power of music, from translating the most intimate moment to commanding the masses, it’s a profound connection between us all.”

“First off, James Supercave is a band, not a man. It’s a band that has always been shrouded in mystery, so little is known about the L.A. quintet. They have an artful, groovy sound with falsetto vocals from Joaquin Pastor that have been compared to David Bowie.

They have a well-known manager who, when asked what he had planned for 2014, slipped me some demos at the end of 2013. They released an EP on Hit City U.S.A. earlier this year, followed by a residency at L.A. music hub The Echo, and reportedly have an LP on the way. Our favorite song, Burn, hasn’t even had an official release yet, so you have a lot to look forward to.”

THE RED BULLETIN: How did you meet and start writing? 

JOAQUIN: Pat [Logothetti] and I met at UCLA. We used to dip out of class and find empty piano rooms and waste time. It was that kind of purity, before you have any idea what you’re doing or what it’s for. No songs, no band, just intrinsic. I met Andy [Villalobos] through friends at a party and made a plan to listen to some records. That turned into song-swapping and it became obvious that it was gonna work. We rolled as a three-piece for a while, playing with a beat machine, but eventually we found our crew through friends.

“Kubrick is my Jesus”

You did a residency at The Echo, released your first EP and toured with Warpaint. Pretty strong out of the gate. What do you make of your early success?

PAT: We’re always looking at getting better, musically and otherwise. I think our early wins could be attributed to people who see that in us and are curious enough to help out. Folks at The Echo, KCRW, the Warpaint girls … the list goes on. 

Where do you turn to when you’re in need of inspiration? 

JOAQUIN: I love L.A. It’s not the sunsets or palm trees, but there is something about this city that finds its way into the music. Kubrick is my Jesus. I can always watch a Kubrick flick and get my mind blown. His conceptual clarity and endless patience while staying in tune with an emotional truth he’s trying to capture is awe inspiring.

L.A. artists you’re listening to? 

PAT: Lots! Jonti, Warpaint, Jon Wayne, Autolux, Kendrick.

You’ve been touring. You’re back in L.A. for just a night. Where do you go?

PAT: Church & State is crazy good. The veggie options are slim, but dear lord, it’s worth it.

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