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The Red Bulletin Podcast: Robert Williams

Words: Andreas Tzortzis
Photo: Joe Kohen/Getty Images

An art world outcast who came up through the hotrod and rockabilly scene, Robert Williams found recognition later in life. We talk to the creator of Juxtapoz magazine about rebellion, the status quo and the why we’re all so damn complacent. 

The founder of the art world’s most successful magazine was a born artist. Just one born at the wrong time. The genteel southerner’s vivid and borderline pornographic illustrations—influenced by the sometimes cartoonish and colorful hotrod scene—ruffled feathers in the 1960s art world. But, driven by a faith that he’d find his audience, Williams played the long game. And then the punk rock scene came calling; and a band called Guns and Roses; and a major Los Angeles art museum. In this podcast, we get a schooling on the merits of artistic resistance, and success later in life. 

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