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The Red Bulletin Podcast: Tommie Sunshine

Photography: Shevin Dissanayake

In this episode of The Red Bulletin podcast, we talk to Tommie Sunshine about his love for music and the decision that saved his life. 

Throughout EDM’s ascent, Tommie Sunshine was its partier-in-chief. Then he decided that doing a whole bunch of drugs wasn’t the best tactic to a long career in the billion-dollar industry. 

Before he was a global name in electronic music, Tommie Sunshine was an awkward suburban teenager stealing away to illegal loft parties on Chicago’s south side. The House music that was beckoning him was in its infant stages. Sunshine watched it grow and morph into a multi-billion dollar business known as Electronic Dance Music. At the beginning, he was simply the guy who showed up to every party—lit—in colorful shirt and corduroys.  Then he began Djing and producing as he continued to party a lot— too much, in fact.

In this episode of The Red Bulletin podcast, we talk to the producer and host of the new Red Bull TV series, After the Raves, about his love for the music that has been his life’s soundtrack and the decision to go sober that saved his life. 

“Everyone has to find their own psychedelic center.”
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06 2016 The Red Bulletin

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