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The Red Bulletin Podcast: Why You Cry At the Movies 

Words: Andreas Tzortzis
Photo: Flickr/Breve Storia del Cinema

Film music was an afterthought until a production featuring an oversized gorilla and a damsel in distress begged for something other than their awkward sound effects.

The scene is pivotal and you know it because the music swells as she turns around and walks out of his life forever; or maybe she grabs a knife and attacks; or maybe she gets hit by a passing semi-truck.

As you dab at manly tears gathering in the corner of your eye, spare a thought for Max Steiner and Merian Cooper. We certainly did on this week’s podcast preview. The two men revolutionized filmmaking when Steiner became the first person to compose music directly for a film.  Ahead of next week’s podcast interview with composer Tom Holkenberg (Mad Max: Fury Road, Deadpool) we talk about the effort it took to get 1933’s King Kong in front of audiences, and how Cooper and Steiner pulled it off. 

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