the surprising part-time jobs of Hollywood stars

Supporting roles:  The surprising part-time jobs of Hollywood stars

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You’d think being a successful big screen star would be enough. Who knew these Hollywood celebs were holding down second jobs? 

Decorated Hollywood icons surely make enough money already, right? In addition to working in front of the camera, some indulge in other projects and usually for just one reason: pure passion. These big name personalities have some part-time gigs that might raise a few eyebrows.

Dan Aykroyd, Lawman

Aykroyd has been making audiences laugh for decades in comedies like Ghostbusters and The Blues Brothers. But on the side, under the brand name “Crystal Head,” the funnyman sells a selection of vodkas. And you know it’s all above board because about two years ago, in Hinds County, Mississippi, Aykroyd was sworn in as a deputy sheriff. According to the man himself, the job of law enforcer is an honor. In addition to his normal work on patrol he helps to fundraise for the department. 

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Carmen Electra, the saleswoman

Baywatch babe Carmen Electra has appeared in various guises in Hollywood productions like Starsky & Hutch and Scary Movie 4 and her filmography has evolved continuously since the late 90s. In her part-time job, the model is just as creative. Electra leads a company that sells mobile striptease poles. The actress even contributes some exercises for the instructional DVD. 

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Green fingered Tom Selleck

From the cult series Magnum P.I., through to modern day Blue Bloods, Tom Selleck has always been a man’s man. The mustachioed heartthrob has appeared in dozens of productions on big and small screens, but away from the camera he became a part-time farmer and grows avocados on his 64-acre ranch. 

Idris Elba the music maker

Whether as a tough cop in Luther or as a politician and human rights activist in Mandela - Long Walk to Freedom, Idris Elba is among the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. He’s even being touted as the next James Bond. But Elba is also known as a DJ and singer who has enjoyed some success. Under the name “Driis,” this all-rounder has been on the road in the music scene for many years. In his own words he pursues no particular style, but experiments with many different directions from reggae influences to blues. Elba has already several EPs and released albums under his belt. 

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Elizabeth Hurley mucks in

Elizabeth Hurley is a successful model, actress and producer. She also knows how to strike a balance in her career and opted for a private life in the countryside. Her organic farm in the Cotswolds, where she tended to pigs, sheep, vegetables and fruit, sold for a whopping $12 million in 2015. Now she still owns a farm in Herefordshire and has no fear of mucking out or sweeping stalls herself, and even sells her produce at the local market. Hurley is one English girl who digs the country life. 

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