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The 5 Best Shows You Need to Start Watching Now And Save From Cancellation

Words: Lena Kouyoumdjian
Photo: YouTube/Fox

Binge watch these 5 great shows before they get cancelled.

Think back to grade school. Remember when you knew your report card was coming? That feeling you’d get in the pit of your stomach. Something between a-little-nauseous and I-swallowed-a-small-boulder-earlier, as you mentally review the past semester for any, er, indiscretions that might now be back to haunt your GPA… Well, that’s probably how network television shows are feeling right now. That is, if they could, you know, feel stuff. Because this is the time of year when TV shows are brought to the chopping block, their fate to be decided by a complex combo of ratings, demographics, diversity quotas, bottom lines, and so many things that don’t necessarily have to do with the most important thing: whether or not the show is actually good.

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The good news? You get to play a part in the future of your favorite shows - albeit a small one - as views are counted, tallied and scored. So if you’ve ever had the urge to play Robin Hood but actually taking from the rich and giving to the poor feels a bit daunting, here’s a way you can stand up for the underdog without leaving your couch, or risking another tummy ache. 

Here are five shows you need to start watching now and save from cancellation. 

The Catch

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This show counts Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers amongst its executive producers, so no further information is necessary to know that it’s got something going for it. But, here’s some anyway to seal the deal: a private investigator is engaged to a master con artist working for a giant international crime operation, but one doesn’t know the truth about the other (hint: it’s the former). Make sure you Catch this mystery before it’s too late.


Inspired by the true stories of its executive producers, Notorious centers on the often symbiotic relationship between crime and its reporting. And specifically in the case of the show, the relationship between a news producer, a criminal attorney, and all the conflict of interest that comes with that territory. While the first season is far from perfect, the show takes a swing at giving us some flawed but lovable anti-heroes. And doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance?

the great indoors

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Joel McHale stars as an adventure-writer turned boss-to-a-bunch-of-millennials in this comedy from Mike Gibbons. Said boss is cooped up in the digital department of the publication, hence the name of the show. With good jokes, a fun voice, and gentle ribbing of everyone’s favorite generation, this show could only get better with a second season.

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Rosewood follows odd couple Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, a private pathologist, and Annalise Villa, a detective as they work together solving crime in Miami. Rosewood is the eternal optimist, working through his own issues as he works through untimely deaths. The show has carved a solid niche for itself, one that it could continue over a few more seasons, if given the chance.

Making history

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Have you ever asked yourself, “what if I could travel back to the 18th century in a duffel bag?” No? Well, someone had to, so Julius Sharpe did with this new comedy. Adam Pally, Yassir Lester, and Leighton Meester star, handling timing both travel and comedic with ease. The show’s weakness is also its exact charm: sometimes it has a vibe that is distinctly Wishbone for adults. But… who could possibly argue that that’s a bad thing?

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