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Wes Bentley is on a comeback roll with a key part in director Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated—and top secret—film Interstellar.

THE RED BULLETIN: Chris Nolan is known for the gag orders on his films; even now you can’t really talk about Interstellar. How much did you know about the movie when you signed on? 

WES BENTLEY: I didn’t even know what the project was. I just went and read for Chris sort of a generally written scene that I knew had nothing to do with what it was going to be. Luckily he asked me to do it. Then I was able to go in and read the script under lock and key in the office.

What was it like working with him?

I never saw a green screen, not one. We were able to see everything that all the moviegoers are going to see—it was there in front of us, which is very unique.

You had a chance to meet with Nolan earlier in your career and turned it down. Why?

A lot of people in town read for Batman Begins. I’m a big Batman fan and I’m a fan of Chris, but at that time I was in a crazy place for many reasons—drugs were just one of them. I had a weird sense of integrity. I was young and idealistic and ignorant in a way. So I chose not to meet with him. I saw it as the kind of movie I was avoiding at the time. I look back and I think, “That’s so stupid.”

“I read the Interstellar script under lock and key.”
Wes Bentley

Is co-star Matthew McConaughey really that “alright, alright, alright” guy?

He is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever been around … the pure focus he has, combined with everyone else finally giving him the credit he deserved. He carries himself in a way that [shows] he’s fully found himself.

Are you still a soccer fan?

What I love about it is its fluid nature, its dependence on stamina. I learn something every time I watch the game, no matter what level. I’ll watch a high school championship game if it’s on TV, or the under-16 World Cup.

Interstellar opens November 7.

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