Aaron Gwin

Aaron Gwin: Fearless mountain biker

Words: Nora O’Donnell
Photo: Michal Cerveny

The gutsy mountain biker on what he learned from a string of bad breaks in competition.

THE RED BULLETIN: How are you not superstitious after three years in a row of mechanical failures at Leogang?

AARON GWIN: Some athletes put one sock on before the other, but I’ve never been superstitious. My faith is what drives my actions. I know that anything can always turn around—good or bad—at any moment. It doesn’t have anything to do with a certain location. 

There’s a mental advantage when you know you have nothing left to lose. 

Yes, it’s like the pressure is off. I had a mountain of an obstacle to overcome, so I was able to go for it a little bit extra because I knew the mechanical failure could cost me the entire season.

Aaron Gwin

Fearless: In 2015, Aaron won the world cup at Leogang without a chain in his bike!

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What’ll it be this year—your handlebars falling off? 

People think I must hate Leogang after all that’s happened, but it’s one of my favorite venues. It’s played a big part in building who I am as a rider.

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