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Do the Robot

Photo: Facebook/Anki

One day, our mechanical offspring will inherit Earth. Until then, let these bots do your bidding.

Kano Kits

Connecting the digital world to the physical, these kits, Pixel and Speaker - can be coded to react to your apps: taking photos, displaying images and playing sounds.

© Youtube/TeamKano

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Dyson 360 Eye

Robot vacuum cleaners are our proto-robo-butlers. This eschews the laser guidance of lesser cleaning droids in favor of all-round vision that identifies and maps its surroundings. 

© YouTube/Dyson US


Built by robotics experts, this palm-sized “toy” can recognize faces, express emotions and learn from its interactions. The consumer robotics revolution quietly and playfully starts here.

© Youtube/Anki


Created as a Japanese store greeter capable of advanced emotional response, this child-sized android is now available as a family companion.

Parrot Disco FPV 

FPV stands for first person view. This 50 mph fixed-wing drone lets you see and record the world in 1080p full HD through its eyes, via VR headset-style “cockpitglasses.”

© YouTube/Parrot

Sphero SPRK+

While Sphero’s BB-8 is a sci-fi toy, this is pure science - programmable bot that teaches our next generation of scientists (aged 4 and above) how to master complex robotics.

© YouTube/Sphero

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