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5 Other Moments In Life Where You Need Amazon Go’s “Just Walk Out Technology” 

Words: Josh Rakic
Photo: Wikimedia

Never wait in line again.

Amazon’s already changed the landscape of online buying and grocery shopping, and today the retail giant’s taken another step towards making your life as effortless as possible by introducing Amazon Go, a physical grocery store without cash registers or lines to pay.

You literally open an app in your phone, walk into the store, grab what you need and walk out no questions asked. It effectively gives you the thrill of stealing, only the store utilizes “computer vision”, “sensor fusion” and “deep learning” technology - whatever that means - found in self-driving cars to charge the products to your app, without your phone ever leaving your pocket.

It’s nothing short of genius. So in the name of convenience and in some cases personal sanity, we’ve compiled a list of other moments in life where the technology would make our days so much easier. And perhaps even save a few souls.

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1 Bars

Ain’t nobody got time to stand in line at a busy bar for a meagre beer or wine when everyone in front is ordering obscure cocktails that require the attention of both bartenders. Studies show the average adult wastes 2.4 days of their life simply waiting to get a bartender’s attention. Well, that’s not proven, but we can all relate to the feeling. But with Amazon’s new technology, you could serve yourself - effectively walking to the fridge and grabbing a beer or wine, then returning to your position of comfort.

2 Parking Garages

Parking garages may be practical, but lose your ticket and you’re down at least $25 to extract your car from a $1/hr venue. Garage attendant arguments are rite of passage for any car owner in a big city, but there’s a fate even worse - when every movie gets out at the same time. Before you know it the exits are jammed, held up by the person at the front who’s lost their ticket - or more infuriatingly, can’t figure out how to use the machine. With Amazon Go technology, we’d all be spared the potential brain aneurism.

3 The DMV

Few places of business are as ill-equipped to serve customers as the good ol’ DMV, a 1980s concrete tomb of good people trying to go about their day while staffers delight in bringing the worst out in each of us. Waiting in line to take a number, only to wait in another line until that number is called just to change your address knows no equal as a source of frustration. But with Amazon’s technology, you’d walk in, have your ID and change of address scanned, then walk right on out with two hours to spare. Come to think of it, Amazon’s concept isn’t just a step forward for technology but humanity to boot.

With Amazon’s technology, you’d never even have to wait for the bill to come.”

4 Walmart Returns

You’ve come prepared. You’ve got your unused or clearly faulty product complete with a receipt and the credit card you used to purchase it, only the returns line is 15 people deep and there are more empty registers than there are employees. Making your day even worse is “that guy” at the front of the line has taken issue with the fact he can’t return a heavily used product from a competitor’s store. With Amazon’s technology, you’re in and out without having your yelling match with the woman who blatantly pushed in captured for YouTube’s enjoyment.

5 Any Pricey Restaurant

OK, you can’t just serve yourself at a high-end restaurant. But post meal once the server’s courtesies have faded to an obligatory head nod as you strain to request the check, Amazon’s technology could save you hours a year - or at the very least, your relationship. Few things sour a good date more than that just-let-me-pay frustration at night’s end. With Amazon’s technology, you’d never even have to wait for the bill to come, and like Lyft, you could add the tip and a review once you’re cooled down and are safe from prying eyes.

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