Día Internacional del Café, 1 de octubre

Make the most out of those coffee beans! 

Photo: Pixabay
Words: Inma Sánchez

To mark National Coffee Day, we’ve looked into the many powers of the magic bean and found seven tricks and uses for coffee that will make your life a whole lot easier 

7 Coffee Hacks That Will Change Your Life

1. Air Freshener

No time to clean your home or your refrigerator? Coffee is your best friend. Put a cup of coffee in your fridge or in any room and odors disappear. 


1 gallon brandy wine
2 lbs. roasted coffee beans
4 lbs. sugar

Mix ingredients together in a large open container and cover top with a breathable cloth. Stir once a day for 6 weeks. Filter and enjoy!

2. Coffee liqueur 

Sure you can grab a bottle at the store for a decent sum, but what’s the fun in that? The patience it takes to wait for your coffee grounds to ferment is worth the reward. 

3. Exfoliant

Add this to your morning routine: mix leftover coffee grounds with a spoonful of olive oil and rub those dead skin cells away for fresher, more vibrant skin.


© YouTube // Refinery29

4. Cellulite

Coffee’s invigorating properties help reduce cellulite and awaken skin. Take ground coffee and apply to the affected area in a circular motion. 

5. Painting

We already know coffee stains. It’s annoying when that happens on clothes and teeth, but makes for a unique alternative to creating art. Put some brewed coffee in a cup, grab your brush and let your creativity run wild. 

Watch this coffee painting master for inspiration.

© YouTube // Jesus Sai Nolasco Triana 

6. Clean the pipes

When you’ve got a clogged sink, take leftover coffee grounds and wash them down the sink. The abrasive quality of the grounds scrapes off leftovers along your pipeline. No expensive chemicals needed!

7. Flea bath

Make yourself a pot of coffee and keep the grounds. Shampoo your dog as you would normally, then work the leftover grounds into their coat. Rinse off the grounds and comb through as your pet dries. An easy solution for an otherwise annoying problem!

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