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Help me, Rhonda!

Words: Ann Donahue 

L.A., the city of bottle service and see-and-be-seen pool decks, has a new, rabble-rousing nightlife muse. And her name is Rhonda.  

THE RED BULLETIN: So who is Rhonda, exactly? I think a lot of people would like to meet her.

GREGORY ALEXANDER, CO-FOUNDER, RHONDA INTERNATIONAL: Most of the time when people ask us in the actual club, we refer to her as this person who actually exists—but in interviews we’ve broken the veil that Rhonda is a fictional character that we’ve created, this ideal instead of a person. We’ve created this mythical being to suit the feel that we’re trying to convey with the club.

LOREN GRANIC, CO-FOUNDER, RHONDA INTERNATIONAL: We wanted Rhonda to be very high concept, more than bringing a sound system and a DJ and calling it a night … we wanted it to have the creative legs to take it a lot of different places. Me and Gregory have been friends for a very long time; we come from different backgrounds—he is gay and I am straight. There were places for his friends and my friends, and we didn’t see the point of that. We couldn’t find one place where we could all get together and enjoy the music we like.

“This is where we can try whatever.” 

All of these women are Rhonda—and yet none of them are. Rhonda International is an event series celebrating dance music in L.A. 

“You always meet a new freak you’ve never met before.” 
“Music is the primal element that brings everyone together.”
Rhonda, LA

Dedicated to exhilarating house and disco, Rhonda pop-up events are held in various L.A. venues, including the Roosevelt Hotel and Los Globos. 

“We’ve always partied together, and we couldn’t find a place to do that.”

So Rhonda is basically an anthropomorphic party girl who can travel through time and space and command people to dance.


Besides ripping the roof off events in Los Angeles, Rhonda has expanded into hosting late, late nights in Miami, New York and Toronto. 

GRANIC: This was after the MySpace days—it wasn’t when Twitter was super huge, but the concept of an organization issuing communiqués from the voice of a person made a lot of sense.

What were your first events like?

GRANIC: One of the things we knew from the beginning was that we wanted unconventional venues. The first was Guatelinda in east Hollywood, this building with mock Chinese architecture, but it was basically a Guatemalan mafia bar. We went in there and talked to the dudes that were running it, and they were like, “We don’t know who you dudes are.” But they listened to what we had to say.

And now, seven years later?

ALEXANDER: We’re known for hotel takeovers— we’ll have our first event at the Mondrian [on Sunset Blvd.] on May 24th, with a party at the pool and the Herringbone restaurant, and we’re selling rooms with passes.

Rhonda, LA

Performers and DJs at Rhonda events have included Seven Davis Jr., Honey Dijon, Jackmaster, Hot Chip and Peanut Butter Wolf. 

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