Leilani Munter

“I offset the fuel I burn at the track”

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Model, Biologist and environmental activist – and a girl racer on a carbon crusade. A woman and her electric car against the injustice. Leilani Munter on her personal mission

THE RED BULLETIN: How do motor racing and the protection of our environment work together?

LEILANI MUNTER: You can preach to the choir all you want. But you’re only making a big impact if you convince people who don’t agree with you. If I didn’t have a race car I could kiss goodbye to my ability to talk to 75 million people in the U.S.

How do you get the skeptics on board?

I don’t tell people that they are doing something wrong if they drive a Hummer or eat meat every day. I just show them what I’m doing. Look, I’ve got this sexy electric car that is charged using solar energy from panels on the roof of my house. Every morning it can go for 265 miles that costs me nothing.

Leilani Munter about her mission

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“Stop eating meat.”
Leilani Munter

But you still race using carbon fuel.

Yeah, so since 2007, I’ve adopted an acre of rain forest for every race I drive. It’s sort of just a symbolic way to offset my carbon footprint for the fuel I have to burn at the racetrack.

Give us a “How to change the world for dummies.” What are three steps everyone can take?

Stop eating meat. Use renewable energy. Realize that with every dollar you spend you are casting a vote for who survives and who doesn’t.

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