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Confessions and Secrets from Fashion Week Insiders

Words: Bailey Pennick
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Sex toys, pouting celebrities and a total lack of sleep are only the beginning when it comes to making people really, really, ridiculously good looking.

Fashion weeks might come and go, but the memories linger (or scar you) forever. We got the lowdown from people deep in the belly of the industry about what these hectic weeks are really like, the most insane things they’ve seen and how they best prepare for any occasion.

There’s a new shocking moment made every minute on and off the runway—and we’re here to share them with you.

Since NYFW isn’t a one trick pony, keep checking back here for more exclusive fashion insider confessions.

Once I stood next to Anna Wintour,only for about 15 seconds, but I smelled her and she just smelled exactly like fresh laundry. It was unbelievable.

“The shortest I’ve slept during fashion week was literally a nap, 45 minutes tops.”

“It’s hard for people to understand that fashion week shows are actually like 10 minutes (if you’re lucky), but you have to wait an hour to see those 10 minutes.”

“Before I worked in the industry I crashed NYFW parties all the time. You just have to know whose name to drop and when in doubt, there’s always a hole in a fence!”

“The smallest amount of sleep was when I was an assistant and was flown to Paris just to handle tickets. I never left my room all day, but fully went out and partied every single night.”

Best conversation I’ve ever heard at Fashion Week was in line at Zimmerman when girls behind me were talking about online dating. Habitual Tinder girl #1: ‘We went out and it was great then he totally ghosted me!” Habitual Tinder girl #2: ‘That’s nothing… I was just zombied. Dude ghosted me then came back from the dead!’

“People don’t understand that people are actually working during Fashion Week. They’re not just here to see clothes casually. The schedule is grueling. Especially when you first start doing the circuit from NY, to London, Milan, then Paris.”

“A few fashion weeks ago Page Six wrote an item about how there was a trend of young men name-dropping one of my bosses to get into parties. They were pretending they were him. Mind you, he’s a very distinct and very well loved, popular person. SO if you’re a 20-year-old boy, 6’2” model type pretending to be my boss, it’s not going to work!”

“Last season, I was walking with some established blogger girlfriends and we ran into some other established blogger girlfriends who I’m not friends with. Immediately one of them, who laughed super aggressively, grabbed my friend—in her beautiful, crisp white shirt—and ran outside to all of the photographers to try and get their photos taken. When the photographers stopped, the aggressive laughing blogger left my friend for the night, but she did leave a whole streak of makeup down the side of my friend’s white shirt from where she put her head while she was laughing.”

“The scariest thing about being a publicist during fashion week is when you’re in the middle of running a show and you see that your phone is at only 10 percent. You’ve got to conserve your battery!”

“A girl was walking in front of me on the way to a show and a hair extension was just hanging out of her bag. It was disgusting!”

“The smallest amount of sleep that I’ve had during a fashion week was three hours.”

“So Kim Kardashian was getting her photo taken and I was standing in the corner and there was this girl pouting for not getting enough attention because all the attention was being given to Kim Kardashian. And I look over and that pouting girl is actually Paris Hilton. And I was like ‘Oh, poor Paris Hilton!’ And right then I get pushed out of the way by a crazy publicist who says ‘You can’t talk to her!’ I turned around to leave Paris Hilton alone, but it turns out that the publicist thought I was trying to harass Heidi Klum when I really wasn’t trying to do anything! So that was my celebrity trifecta of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Heidi Klum.”

“In the line for Cartier, everyone was so confused why they were in a line because they were so VIP…or, really, they thought that they were so VIP. Everyone was so sure that there was something wrong because they had to stand in a line. Everyone just kept saying ‘Why am I in line!?’”

“After a magazine premiere event, we had to go back to the office to get all the magazines to distribute the next day so I only got an hour and 45 minutes of sleep. I went through the entire day that way.”

“When I started at my magazine job, I had to interview people in the front row of fashion week shows and one of the people who showed up was Anjelica Huston. She was so sweet and so lovely and while I was asking her some inane question about her show at the time—Smash—and she was so nice like a nice aunt or mom. The fans at Lincoln Center were blowing and she just touched my forehead and fixed my hair. It was unbelievable.”

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“Once I glanced over at someone’s open bag, at men’s fashion week, and there was just a dildo lying inside!”

“The scariest thing about being a photographer during fashion week is the possibility of being hit by oncoming traffic when you’re trying to get that perfect shot.”

“I was in the elevator at Milk studios today and a seven-year-old boy just looks around and goes ‘The elevators at my TV show are bigger than this!’”

“My scariest fashion week moment was when I went to my first afterparty—Alexander Wang—it was at a gas station and he cleared out an entire gas station. The whole thing was open bar, Courtney Love was performing and everyone kept shouting ‘Stop lighting cigarettes! We’re at a gas station!’ We were all so worried that someone was going to blow up. It was going to be like that scene in Zoolander.”

“To pick out the perfect outfit, the most important factor is the weather. Before you go out, you look outside and that really determines what you’re going to wear. And you always start with the shoes!”

“It sounds really cheesy, but the most surreal moment is when the lights go down, everyone’s in their seats, there’s nothing more you can do—you’ve worked so hard for this moment and the first model hits the runway. You get goose bumps! You’re just like this is amazing, the hard work, all those sleepless nights and maybe some tears boil down to this moment. But you’re still a little bit scared because what if a model falls, something crazy happens or a protester storms the runway? It’s also just so surreal because you know how much money went into that production.”


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