Cool dance moves to learn for your next night out


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Thanks to social media, dance crazes such as the Harlem Shake spread across the world like wildfire. Tighten up your Insta game with these moves


How to: Throw your head back and wiggle your body.
Origin: Saudi singer Majed Al Esa started the fad with his song of the same name.
Trivia: Two Emirati soldiers were arrested after posting a video of their attempts.
Famous rendition: Al Esa’s, with 22 million-plus views.


Watch Majed Al Esa’s music video, skip to 1:30 to see the Barbs

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How to: Run on the spot and swing your arms while looking a bit goofy.
Origin: Dance battle posted on Instagram by a New Jersey high school student.
Trivia: It must be performed to Ghost Town DJs’ “My Boo.”
Famous rendition: NBA’s Justise Winslow on Instagram.

The Dab

How to: Lean into your elbow like you’re about to sneeze, and lift your knee.
Origin: The song “Bitch Dab” by Atlanta rap trio Migos.
Trivia: It’s claimed that the name is derived from a method of snorting cocaine. 
Famous rendition: Or cringe-worthy? Hillary Clinton learns on Ellen. 

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