Drai´s Beach Club

Life’s a Beach

Photography: Shane O’Neal

A boat party in the middle of Las Vegas? Drai’s Beach Club gives you a sample of the luxe life.

Less than six months after it opened, Drai’s Beach Club, Nightclub & After Hours has distinguished itself in several ways—even in Las Vegas, a city that’s already overrun with to-the-max entertainment options.

First, it boasts eight pools—including five in private bungalows if you want to VIP yourself away from the masses in the 4,500-person-capacity venue. Then, if your checking account is feeling a little heavy, for $737,000 you can charter a 737 for you and 50 of your closest friends to jet to the club from anywhere in the country. (And yes, the club has received legitimate inquiries about booking the plane.)

But beyond the high fliers, the most popular event at the club takes place every Tuesday night: Drai’s Yacht Club—an all-night rooftop beach party. “We thought it would be like any other night, but it took on a life of its own,” says Drai’s managing partner, Ryan Craig. “Everyone comes in yacht attire: boat shoes and sailor hats.”

“Everyone comes in yacht attire: boat shoes and sailor hats.”
Ryan Craig


ON AN AVERAGE SATURDAY NIGHT … I’ll usually take a nap before work. I’ll get to the club and DJ for two hours; after that I’ll go eat in Chinatown and go to bed.

DJ Five

A SHOW GOES TO THE NEXT LEVEL WHEN … There’s a high degree of technicality in the production. Pulling out all the stops—LED screens, confetti, being fun and having fun.

MY FAVORITE PART OF NIGHTLIFE IS … Getting paid to purely enjoy myself.

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The 1990s fashion revival continues in the form of hip oversized sweatshirts in muted colors with big typographic elements. Hey, at least it’s not a homage to grunge.

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Rick Owens


The classic-casual sensibility of designer Rick Owens shows in the new Prada collection—from hybrid shoes to sneakers for men. Pictured, the Cole Haan LunarGrand.    

© Photography: skamartist.com


On Top

A throwback to London brand Barbour’s 1980s punk aesthetic, this jacket blends metal-detailed form and function. Look for it on Barbour fans like Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys.  

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