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Ferrari goes big on turbo with fewer emissions 


To the delight of supercar fans and vendors of posters for teenagers’ bedroom walls, the Ferrari 488 GTB, unveiled earlier this year in Geneva, is now rolling out of showrooms. The new model is both a successor to the 458 and a very different animal to its predecessor, dropping over half a liter of displacement but delivering an extra 100 hp from its 3.9l twin-turbo direct-injection V8.

A turbocharged Ferrari is still ever so slightly controversial, but even the Scuderia has to live in the real world—or at least the real world as defined by government emissions standards—and reduce CO2 output.


A twin-turbo supercar with a 3.9l V8 that goes 0-60 mph in just three seconds.

The 488 GTB might not have quite the same emotional appeal as an old-school, normally aspirated model that revs to infinity and beyond, but it’s still got the chops to turn wealthy middle-aged men into giggling schoolboys when they floor the throttle. It’s also technically impressive.

Maranello may have been dragged kicking and screaming into Formula One’s economy era, but there’s doubtless crossover to be leveraged from the direct-injection turbo engine used in motorsport’s premier category. There’s an awful lot of literature about response times and power delivery, but the bottom line is a car that, in the hands of professionals, laps Ferrari’s Fiorano Circuit slightly faster than the top-of-the-range 458 Speciale.


Going for gold

The GT-R celebrates its birthday in style 

Forty-fifth anniversaries are traditionally celebrated with sapphires, but Nissan has decided to go for champagne instead, with a Limited Edition 45th Anniversary GT-R. The modern GT-R shares little DNA with the original Skyline GT-R, but there’s still reason to celebrate. Nissan is making 100 special-edition models, painted Champagne Gold in a nod to the R34 Type Skyline GT-R M, released in 2001.


As well as the eye-catching paint job, you’ll find a commemorative plaque on the center console and a special serial number in the engine bay, along with all the standard 2015 GT-R features. But if you don’t think a four-wheel-drive, 3.8l twin-turbo V6 that delivers 550 hp is special already, you really need a test drive.


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