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A track-only Ferrari you’ll never see competing … Shmee 150 gets a peek at the Ferrari FXX K. Find out what he thinks of it here.

Tim Burton, aka Shmee150, is one of social media’s most-followed supercar connoisseurs. Now he brings that expertise to The Red Bulletin.

The latest model in Ferrari’s XX program, the FXX K hypercar is based on the LaFerrari but is very much its own beast. Just four letters, and if you get to ride in one, as I did at  Goodwood, you’ll be exclaiming something similar–the experience is insane.

The K stands for KERS, a kinetic energy system that maximizes track performance and, in tandem with the 6.3-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine, provides 1,036 hp. Definitely not road legal but also never intended for racing, it’s got crazy aerodynamics, with winglets and an active spoiler, ensuring more than half a ton of downforce at 124 mph. The price, which includes two years’ access to XX events, is $3.3 million. An elite car for an elite club. 

That’s what the FXX K sounds like…

© Youtube // Shmee150


  • 1050 PS 
  • 6.3-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine
  • ​Quantity: 40
  • Price: €2.5 Million
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