Coolio - The Ghetto Gourmet Cookbook with budget friendly recipes



Rapper Action Bronson is currently working on his first cookbook. But he’s not the first hip-hop star to document his passion for food…

Coolio - Cookin’ With…

In 2009, the Gangsta’s Paradise rapper-turned-YouTube-chef published a hilarious guide on how to be a ghetto gourmet, filled with budget-friendly recipes such as ‘Bro-ghetti’ and ‘Soul Rolls’.

YouTube: CookinWithCoolio’s channel


2 Chainz - #MEALTIME  

© 2 Chainz // YouTube

To promote his 2013 album, B.O.A.T.S. II: #METIME, the rapper released a cookbook, which he wrote on his tour bus. #MEALTIME features 14 recipes, plus style tips for the kitchen, including this gem: when making teriyaki salmon, “put on your Versace apron”.

YouTube: 2 Chainz

Prodigy - Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook

Prodigy releases a cookbook to reflect on mealtimes during 3 years in jail

In October, Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy releases this inspiring cookbook, in which he reflects on mealtimes during his three years in jail, and how to survive on a limited, low-quality diet.

YouTube: MobbDeepVEVO

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