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Be my bro-intine 

Words: Josh Rakic
Photo: YouTube/Movieclips

5 ways to show your best friend you give a shit about him this Bro-intine’s Day

Dependant upon your intimate circumstances, Valentine’s Day is either the most romantic day of the year or the most depressing. Sure, for the opportunists among us it’s a rare chance to take advantage of the opposite sex’s temporary lapse in standards and perhaps win a date with someone you’ve got no right to even share a cab with. But for the good men, the single men, Feb 14 often results in a phone call from mom reminding you that grandkids simply aren’t going to manifest themselves.

Too much pressure, we say. Just because Valentine’s Day is about love, doesn’t mean it has to be the intimate kind. For the single amongst us, why can’t we celebrate platonic love? Which is why this year, it’s time to celebrate your bromances with Bro-intine’s Day. And here are the five best ways to show your BFF you love him - platonically.

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watch a bromantic movie together

Few things bring friends together better than laughter. And no matter what’s happened this past 12 months, the terrifying highs and the dizzying lows, it’s always comforting to reassure one another that the best friendships can sustain anything. So sit back and flick on a bromantic flick to the tune of Pineapple ExpressSuperbad or Talladega Nights and remind each other you’ve made it through worse. Shake and bake, baby.

high performance driving course

Give him the gift of a high performance driving course in a modern day supercar. It’s the male equivalent of a pedicure - strapped into a chair while your feet get a work out, only at 200 mph around a Nascar circuit. Then put your trust to the ultimate test my letting him take you for a hot lap at warp speed. Because all the best relationships are built on trust. 

Whiskey tasting

What’s a bromantic night out without a little booze? A meeting, that’s what. And with craft whiskey tastings having joined wine tasting on the pedestal of acceptable drinking, what better way to start your night. Note: Do not do this before the high performance driving experiment. Plus, not all whiskeys were born equal, and some of the best relationships are formed when two people find a common distaste for something. Drink up.

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Escape room

Maybe your bro-intine feels like more of a wingman than an equal co-pilot. A little taken for granted. Then prove you need each as much as the other by signing up to your local escape room, and joining forces to escape the room before the bomb explodes (or timer runs out). With a combination of general knowledge, mathematics and common sense tasks, no man is a liability in an escape room. And once you escape, you’ll have done so together. As a team. Then back to the whiskey tasting to confirm you really didn’t like the 12-year from Oregon.

Play a co-op video game together

Put away the Fifa or 2K tally chart for the night and team-up for some co-op fun. Better yet, find another bromantic duo and kick their ass in a little PS4 or XBox action. And if sports aren’t your thing, there are any number of shoot-em-ups from Red Dead Redemption to Resident Evil 5 to Donkey Kong Country 2.

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